Staff 2020-21


Staff     Email/Contact Position
Steve Wells Principal
Anna Kierstead Admin Assitant
Jennifer Matheson Primary/1
Lesley Campbell Grade 1/2 (shared)
Helen Sampson Grade 1/2 (shared)
Jessica Wells Grade 2/3
Nancy Reid    Grade 2/3
Lori Kennear Grade 5/6
Amy Laird Grade 3/4  
Carolyn Elliot Grade 6
Stacia Findley  Music (shared with CNA)
Ashton Hunter Phys-Ed (shared with Wallace/Northport)  
Sarah Finnie French (shared with CNA)
Patricia Ferrigno Educational Assistant
Rita Kraupa Educational Assistant
Jill Mundle Educational Assistant
Oxsanna  Dzura Reading Recovery/Wallace/Northport
Alison Froebe Resource 100%
Jeff Purchase Guidance
Ron Betts   Caretaker